Early Warning Alarm Protection Where it Counts
Is someone in your Garden, are you being watched

Perimeter Security is Simple, Reliable and Fully Effective


The RoboGuard early warning alarm system will secure your property against intruders. The RoboGuard perimeter security alarm is designed and manufactured in South Africa for South African conditions (weather and crime) and is now sold worldwide. The RoboGuard system is wireless, easy to install and move if required, it can be linked to your existing alarm and armed response services. Further sensors can always be added to your system easily at later stages.

RoboGuard is REAL protection for any property, it is the best outdoor protection available with proven ability to minimise and avoid any false alarms.

Think about it:
You don't know who might be watching you, or who is around your property, be safe have
some protection for you and your family, know what is going on around you before it is too late.

Stop an intruder oustide before they get into your home, inside is too late.

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Why is RoboGuard the Best Choice?

Order On-Line, Free Delivery within South Africa (T&C's apply)

Designed in South Africa, can withstand harsh weather
Manufactured in Durban, distributed world-wide

Wire-free, state-of-the-art outdoor early warning system

DIY outdoor security protection couldn't be simpler.
Easy to install, easy to move - LOWER COST OPTIONS AVAILABLE
False-alarms are minimal

Can monitor security guard scheduled patrols
Protection for agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential properties
Free delivery in South Africa (T&C apply)